Love the changes to the place!
I came in to do one of the charity rides (Pitties sake). I purchased a new shirt and a new shot glass. I love how the register is back farther in the store, it doesnt feel like folks are in your face. Whoever made that decision should get a day off with pay! I still love how the employees make you feel like home, EVERY time I come in. Every department deserves a big kudos for that. I don't remember the young ladies' name who helped me, but the were extremely nice, asked if I needed anything else, and then helped me out with deciding on the shot glass. Thanks to her too! All-in-all the place is probably still one of the BEST dealerships Ive been to! Gatlinburg's is very hospitable as well. #ThanksForRockin #SouthernHospitality #LookForwardToMyNextVisit
Eugene Stephenson
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